(Русский) Grandioso Plus Positive Night Racers

Lucky Man of CaDazz


Окрас: е 03 22

Gen Test N/N

Lucky is a very big boy with long square muzzle, long good placed ears, strong body and fluffy tail. We are very happy that he joined us.

Dear Dagmar many thanks for our sweet treasure!

Night Racers Racoon

Date of birth: 1.03.14

Color: n 22 09

HCM-test N/HCM

Best Kitten of Breed. BOB kitten II. Best Junior of Breed. Best Male and Best Adult of Breed, Best Male and Best Adult in Special Forest Show.

Nom BIS x 6!!!

Champion WCF

Racoon is very promissing and sweet boy. He has adorable eyes, good profile, very long muzzle, strong chin and magnificent brushes 🙂