Night Racers Divina


Gen test N/N

Divina – my lovely baby with beautiful head, strong chin, magnificent coat and sweet-sweet temper!

Limpopo Russian Bars*RU of Night Racers

Birth date 13.07.2014.

Color: f 22 02.

Gen test N/N.

Our bright princess with magic look.

Dear Lusine, I`m happy that she joined us!

Night Racers Eclipse

Night Racers Koketka

Date of birth: 9.02.13

Color: n 22 09

HCM-test N/HCM.

Her name translated like Flirty! And this is true. She is very sweet and gentle. She is always purring and makes me smile every day. I have many words about Koketka, but you should see her yourself.