Lucky Man of CaDazz


Окрас: е 03 22

Gen Test N/N

Lucky is a very big boy with long square muzzle, long good placed ears, strong body and fluffy tail. We are very happy that he joined us.

Dear Dagmar many thanks for our sweet treasure!

Winerau Bjorn

Date of birth: 30.10.2013.

Color: n22.

HCM-test N/N

Bjorn is the long awaited and very big boy with magnificent ears, very long muzzle, strong chin and very sweet character. We are very proud that the Bjorn joined us.

Dear Manuela, thank you very much for our sweetheart baby!

Night Racers Mufasa

Date of birth: 05.05.2013.

Color: red.


Mufasa is a very big boy with really square muzzle, strong chin, good placed ears, heavy body and big paws. We are very proud that this boy grows in our cattery.

Night Racers Intriga

Respectcoon Kosima

Birthdate: 26.01.12

Parents HCM tests N/N.

Color: Blue Torbie.

Kosima is my  long-awaited girl from beautiful couple: Pillowtalk`s Zilli-Do and Langstteich`s Rapid. Unfortunately she dislikes to make a photos very much! But I will try to make some from time to time…  😉

Many thanks for Olesya (Respectcoon)

Lemur Hisemalos

Birthdate 20.03.2011

HCM test N/N

Color: n 22 09

Lemur  is a beautiful charismatic cat with bright green eyes, good profile, strong chin, square muzzle and powerful body.

Many thanks for Maria (Hisemalos cattery) for my lovely girl!

Night Racers Desire

Coonvill`s Mona Lisa

Date of birth: 8/10/2010.

Color: Blue Tortie.


She has chosen us and has decided that will live in Novosibirsk. Mona Liza has a good pedigree head with a deep profile, the high forehead, the snout is long and squared, his chin very strong, long ears are good placed. 

Thanks for Karpenko Natalia for the fine perspective child!

Hillbilly Cat´s Flower Stone

Date of birth: 17.04.10

Color: silver torbie classic and white (fs 22 03)


HCM test  N/N

Flower Stone is a silver whirlwind!

She has beautiful profile, extreme type of muzzle, strong chin, long and well placed ears.

Many Thank`s for Natalia (Hillbilly Cat`s Cattery).

Pillowtalk´s Nash Ville

Date of birth: 5/29/2010

Color: red (d)


Nash Ville has arrived to us from far Germany, from the well-known cattery “Pillowtalk”. I was dreamed of a kitten from this cattery for a long time, but didn’t believe that my dream can be carried out. Some times I tore to get a kitten-cat in Russia, but for various reasons it didn’t occur. I continued to dream and nevertheless have dared to send the letter to Germany. Between the first letter and its arrival almost year of expectation, excitements and alarms. And all it was knowingly!

Despite the severe appearance of Nesh it has appeared very tender child. He is very sociable, he even won’t sleep in an empty room, it always there, where people.

Nash Ville is a giant with extremely body and XXL tail. He is standing on high legs and big paws. His snout is squared, his chin very strong…

We hope that Nesh will transfer to the children not only a fine exterior, but also the wonderful character.

Bettina, Vielen Dank! Nash Vill der Bemerkenswerte!